Shoes, as any person will tell you, are the foundation of an outfit.
They are also subject to more abuse than any other item in your wardrobe as they hit the ground thousands of times during the day. If you want your shoes to pass the test of time, you need to make sure the leather stays clean and flexible.

Your shoes are the first thing people look at, so owning a good pair is an intelligent investment. That’s why we’ve made a list of what you can do to make sure they always look as good as when you bought them.

Brushing and cream colour

The first thing is to use a slightly wet cloth to get rid of the dirt and dust. This is important because if there is any dirt on the surface, it can scratch the shoe when you polish it.

Good shoe brushes are easy to separate from bad ones, because these are made with horsehair bristles. Horsehair is ideal for brushes, as it is strong, versatile and doesn’t lose thickness over time.

Before polishing, you need to apply a good conditioner to nourish the leather so it remains flexible and the texture doesn’t deteriorate. Then you can restore the colour with a cream or paste with the brushes. It’s important to get the right cream colour, as this can penetrate the leather and change the colour of the shoe.

There are different types of brushes available for every task, but in order to do a complete job you only need:

  • The shoeshine brush – used to spread the polish on the leather upper.
  • The applicator brush – similar to the shoeshine brush, but better for getting into tighter spaces, such as between the welt and upper.

Polishing your shoes

Once finished, apply the polish to the shoe with the shoeshine brush, rubbing this in circles against every part of the shoe surface, including the soles. Use the applicator brush to reinforce the job by getting into tight spaces, like between the welt and the upper. Remove any excess with the shoeshine brush and don’t be modest: brush the whole shoe thoroughly, ensuring that the movement comes from your wrist and not your elbow.


In continuation of the polishing process, mix a bit of wax polish with water and apply it with the brushes, again in circles, to bring out the shine. You have to apply enough wax that it is displaced into the leather’s pores, but not so much that the leather is saturated. In both these steps pay attention to the toe and heel as they receive the most damage when wearing the shoe.


Once you’ve finished with the wax, simply wipe the shoes with a cloth to buff the leather. If you do all of this right, the lustre of your shoes will be gradually improve and they will shine like glass. Furthermore, be patient at each stage of the polishing process and allow time for the shoe to dry. Polishing you shoe is a question of finesse, not of speed.

Use shoetrees for straightening the sole and drying the shoe

The most obvious element of looking after your shoe is maintaining the form and shape. Shoetrees solve this problem by straightening the sole and drying the shoe after you have worn it. It is crucial to use the shoetree straight after you take off the shoe to eliminate moisture which can turn into bad smells and maintain the shape.

Make sure you use high quality shoetrees that are made of scented cedar wood, as it absorbs moisture that would make the leather stiff and prevents the formation of creases. You can also use light-weight plastic options that are perfect for traveling.

Taking care of your shoes is fun and rewarding and improves the lifetime of your favourite shoes

To conclude, taking care of your shoes is not only easy, but also fun and rewarding as you can improve the lifetime of your favourite shoes. By investing time to make sure your shoes look perfect, you’re letting the world know that you’re a man, or women, of character and high standards.