Auden Sway is a French late twenty years artist based in London. He started painting almost one year and a half ago whenever he would had some spare time after his work.

Dedication & practice are the only elements who will help you define the world and beauties your eyes see but cannot yet shape in this reality.


Audens Roots

The hobby turned into a passion where he started to define and discover some other aspects of his personality. To find some answers to some question or actually better ask certain inner questions… Most of his influences are linked to the European and Asian pop culture, Mathematics and his African roots.

The Music of Art

Art and painting are like a retrospection and a different way for him to approach and define his inner self. Each color is acting like a sound, like a melody that he is trying to make more perfect and better resonate.

Through his art work, he tries to define those notes, his identity and make those diverse influences coexist.