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Our shoe care guide

Men, Style

Shoes, as any person will tell you, are the foundation of an outfit. They are also subject to more abuse than any other item in your wardrobe as they hit the ground thousands of times during the day. If you want your shoes to pass the test of time, you need to make sure the leather stays clean and flexible.

The shoes a man should own


Oxfords, modernity then, rooted in rebellion. Oxfords’ name comes from the Oxonian, a sort of half-boot first popularised at Oxford university. Evidently this is a shoe with great pedigree then, but they’re also rooted in rebellion, with the students casting off their damned knee-high boots. Oxfords ten are the shoe of modernity then. Black is of course the classic, but brown goes particularly well with both grey suits or dark denim.

Men Shoe Trends: Seek for all those vintage oxfords that are rare on the market

Men, Style

Compared with ladies who will select from numerous styles of shoes, men only possess a limited selection of choice. These days, men may also convey their style statement by numerous trendy shoes.

When you are completely tired donning black for each formal party event, it is time to change styles and choose sparkles.


If you are having anxiety attacks at the looked at selecting formalwear for this hottest season event, you’ll delighted to know that Artshoe is providing you a lot of fantastic options this season.

Will men ever be able to choose the right wedding shoes?


The key of the well dressed man is on his shoes he chose to go with his suit. There are two types of mens suits footwear like slip-on and lace-up. A classic lace-up are perfect for most formal event. A closed lace shoes will also be preferred over open laced shoes. A closed lace are what we call a shoe which have a V form where they get linked together. The open lace sneakers have more of the parallel form…

In the spotlight: Auden Sway

Editors pick, Men

Auden Sway is a French late twenty years artist based in London. He started painting almost one year and a half ago whenever he would had some spare time after his work.